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      Shoulder Instability Treatment in Miami Beach, FL

      Shoulder Instability

      Shoulder Instability Treatment Miami Beach FL

      What is shoulder instability?

      Shoulder instability often occurs after a traumatic shoulder dislocation. A shoulder dislocation is when the shoulder “pops” out of the socket.

      Additionally, some people may be born with “loose” or “lax” shoulders.

      A shoulder dislocation may cause damage to both bony and soft tissue structures within the shoulder joint. Damage to these structures can cause the “ball” (humerus) not to sit correctly on the “socket” (glenoid/shoulder blade) during shoulder movement.

      What are the signs of shoulder instability?

      Feeling like the shoulder will “pop” out during certain shoulder movements or pain.

      How is shoulder instability treated?

      Shoulder instability can be a complicated condition and requires full evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon to decide the best treatment option.

      Depending on the degree of injury, shoulder instability often requires surgery to fix the injured structures.

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