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      Shoulder Fracture Treatment in Miami Beach, FL

      Shoulder Fractures

      Common shoulder fractures include proximal humerus fractures, clavicle fractures, scapula fractures, and humeral shaft fractures.

      Shoulder Fracture Treatment Miami Beach FL

      Shoulder fractures often occur after a mechanical fall, a bicycle accident, or a motor vehicle accident.

      Shoulder fractures are usually diagnosed with X-ray imaging. Sometimes advanced imaging is needed like CT or MRI to further characterize the fractures.

      Many shoulder fractures can be treated without surgery and do very well. However, this decision should be made after evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon.

      Shoulder Surgery

      Surgery for shoulder fractures include:

      • Open reduction and internal fixation. This procedure involves making an incision in the skin over the fractured area and fixing the fracture with either metal plates and screws or an intramedullary device.
      • Shoulder arthroplasty. Some proximal humerus fractures may require a shoulder replacement.

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